EcoPlant® is a chlorine-free compound mineral fertilizer of plant origin, recommended for ecological farming. Potassium (К2Оis a basic active ingredient being 28–41% of the total compound, and is contained in the form of carbonates (К2СО3) and sulphates (К2SO4), easily absorbed by plants.

EcoPlant® fertilizer is most effective at early growing stages of vegetables, corn, sunflower, winter and spring rape should it is used during pre-plant application under cultivation.

EcoPlant® is chlorine-free, thus it is perfect in using it with such chlorine sensitive plants as potato, vegetables, fruit and berries, as well as to add by a drill seeder or between raws by cultivator when using with corn, sunflower, winter and spring rape alone or as a part of mixtures (blends).

EcoPlant® is a natural alkali (рН 10-12) having high neutralizing properties thanks to which it can reduce soil acidity. That makes EcoPlant® most effective on acid soils. EcoPlant® contains upto 25% of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate (СаО, MgO), i.e. 1 ton of EcoPlant® has a neutralizing ability equal to 0.35 tons of lime.

On top of potassium (К2О) EcoPlant® contains phosphorous 4-6% 2О5), magnesium 8-12% (MgO), sulphur 8-16% (SО4), calcium 10-17% (СаО). Therefore, the total content of major mineral elements in EcoPlant® is more than 70%, i.e. the highest among industrial granulated fertilizers like ammophos (64%) or potassium chloride (60%). 

On top of major mineral elements EcoPlant® also contains key trace elements: iron (Fe) – 1340mg/kg, boron (B) – 1000mg/kg, zinc (Zn) – 900mg/kg, copper (Cu) – 240mg/kg, manganese (Mn) – 150mg/kg, chromium (Cr) – 6,3mg/kg, molybdenum (Mo) – 1,5mg/kg, cobalt (Co) – 0,37mg/kg. That gives an additional advantage to EcoPlant® while applying for such crops as winter and spring rape, sunflower, corn, potato, vegetables that consume a big amount of trace elements.

It is scientifically proved that apart of productivity increase, using of EcoPlant® results  to increase in commodities of dry matter content: protein in grain crops, fats in oil-bearing crops, carbohydrates in vegetables, fruit and sugar beet, which improves their quality. Plants become more resistant to low temperatures and drought, lodging and affection by root and stem rot.

In 2002 EcoPlant® successfully passed state testing in the National Academy of Sciences Institute for Potato Researches. The testing results indicate that application of fertilizer EcoPlant® received the highest yield of potato along with the highest quality of the product. Comparing to other potassium content fertilizers EcoPlant® caused the highest content of starch, crude protein, vitamin C, the lowest content of nitrates. Besides, potato tubers had the highest palatability.

Thanks to its granulated form EcoPlant® dissolves gradually, does not get washed out of the tilth and has some aftereffect.

Application of EcoPlant® as potassium and calcium fertilizer reduces the accumulation of radionuclides in plants, because in case of the lack of potassium and calcium in the soil the plants begin to rapidly absorb their "substitutes" - cesium and strontium. Moreover, lack of calcium leads to the soil acidity increase, which reinforces the transition of radioactive substances into plants.

During fifteen years of the EcoPlant® production its benefits were estimated at true worth of hundreds of agricultural enterprises in Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Sweden and Germany as well as of thousands of truckers and gardeners in our country.

Thanks to its natural origin EcoPlant® is certified as per Certification Standards on inputs production suitable for organic farming and processing issued basis requirements of EEC regulation  834/2007 and 889/2008 by Ecocert and Organic Standard.


To meet farms demands,  EcoPlant® is packed in polypropylene bags of 20kg and 40kg, big-bags of 600kg, and for truckers and gardeners needs in polyethylene bags of 2kg and 5kg.


The size of granules: 3-6mm (medium fraction) is recommended for power use as well as for preparing mixtures (blends); 1,5–3mm (small fraction) is recommended for use by gardeners and truckers.

TC U 24.1-23385356-001:2009.

Certificate of Ukraine State Registration: Series A  № 02547 dd March 9, 2011, valid till 31 December 2020.

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